Introduction to Joint Cleanse

Joint Cleanse

Excess acidic chemicals, either left overs or formed in the body, must be expelled by the body, but often, this does not properly happen. It may eventually deposit itself in various places, between the joints, on the bones or in the muscles. Some of the worst effects of accumulation of acidic chemicals are arthritis and rheumatism. Both are extremely painful conditions. To cure such problems, adopt a method of treatment and a way of life that will eliminate toxic acids from the body. Do a Joint Cleanse and remove uric acid, acidic chemicals and all signs of arthritis. Patients who complete the Joint Cleanse experience nearly 50% reduction in pain due to arthritis, permanently. There are several instances where patients, who have suffered from severe arthritis for many years, have not only regained free movement of their joints, but are also living a medicine-free life after doing the treatment.


I have already discussed the importance of acidic and alkaline ions in food. Acidic elements are ingested over years, by way of food that we eat, liquids that we drink and the air that we breathe. Excess acidic chemicals, either left overs or formed in the body, have to be thrown out by the body, but often, this does not properly happen. It may eventually deposit itself in various places, between the joints, on the bones or in the muscles. One of the worst effects of the accumulation of acidic chemicals are arthritis and rheumatism. Both are extremely painful conditions. When the deposit is in the muscles, the effect is muscular rheumatism. This is due to the tension in the muscles attached to the damaged joints.

The spine is also very often affected, resulting in spondylitis causing misalignment of the vertebrae. Vertebrae fused by deposits of acid will invariably affect the part of the body controlled by nerves lying in the affected area.


Arthritis means painful inflammation and accompanying stiffness of joints. When acidic chemicals increase, they lead to symptoms, such as swelling and pain, which are the hallmarks of joint disorders, such as osteoarthritis (degenerative disease, characterised by morning stiffness that comes with age), rheumatoid arthritis (auto-immune and chronic multi system disease), gouty arthritis and fibromyalgia (when there is pain, but no apparent cause).

Arthritis is common among people more than 40 years of age, but it can occur earlier as well. It is three times more common in females than males. It may be hereditary in some families, and sometimes, even children may suffer.

Synovial fluid

Every joint in the body is covered Femur by a synovial membrane, which Synovial secretes synovial fluid. It is a thick, fluid oily fluid found in the cavities of Patella synovial joints that enables the joints to move freely, one on the other.

With its egg white like consistency (synovial comes from Latin for Tibia Cartilage ‘egg’), synovial fluid reduces friction between the articular cartilage and other tissues in joints to cushion them during movement. It is also the shock absorber of the joints. When toxins collect in the synovial fluid between the joints, the synovial membrane is worn out by continuous movement on the hard surfaces. This compromises the normal function of the fluid, leading to pain during limb movement.


The underlying cause in all types of arthritis and primarily in gout is the presence of excess uric acid (C5H4N4O3) in the body. It is often caused by a build up of acids, due to years of faulty diet. These deposits have an affinity with organic lime, a prominent constituent Chemical formula of uric acid of the bony material. Hence, it gets deposited there. Lime is an alkaline substance. Due to attraction of the opposites, the acids in the body are inevitably drawn to this alkaline substance for mutual neutralisation. The result of this process is inflammation, a condition that causes the joints to swell and become extremely tender and painful.

Invariably, an affected joint feels stiff and locked. As a result, deformity occurs, due to the erosive condition of the bones, caused by the acid. The joint is then rendered incapable of performing its natural action. The lower parts of the body almost always seem to be worst affected by chronic arthritis as they bear the weight of the body and blood circulation is not as active in the lower limbs. Depression, which frequently afflicts sufferers of this disease, aggravates the pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is systemic. Once it appears in any one joint, it gradually spreads to other joints as well.


A few common symptoms of arthritis are:

  • Joint pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Morning stiffness
  • Inflammation

Dealing with arthritis

Adopt a method of treatment and a way of life that will eliminate toxic acids from the body. Do a Joint Cleanse and remove uric acid, acidic chemicals and all signs of arthritis. Develop a positive attitude. Be cheerful and optimistic. Try to include nutrients necessary to neutralise acids in the body in your diet and further reduce the intake of acidic food.

Joint Cleansing

Arthritis, as explained earlier, begins from wrong eating habits and as corollary, can be handled and cured upto a certain limit by a proper diet. Proper management of eating habits will help in dissolving the acid deposits and alleviate pain.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are still relatively cheap and easy to obtain, as are milk, chicken and fish, which provide sufficient protein for a healthy diet. Along with these dietary changes, do the Joint Cleanse once in two years and you will find at least 50% improvement in your condition.


I encourage self-medication. When you are doing it for the first time, you may adhere to the following dosage:

No. Item Quantity Colour
1 Apple cider vinegar 2 litres
2 Black molasses 500 g
3 Honey 500 g
4 Epsom salt 1 kg


  1. In the morning, dissolve a teaspoon (five ml) of honey in 100 ml of lukewarm water. Add three teaspoons (15 ml) of apple cider vinegar to it. This mixture should be taken thrice daily. For an average built person of 70 kgs, a daily intake of 45 ml of apple cider vinegar (15 ml x 3 times = 45 ml) is recommended. Do not take a lower dose. But, if your weight is lower than 70 kgs, reduce it proportionately. The quantity of apple cider vinegar in the blood should be sufficient to dissolve uric acid from joints in a six week long treatment. Do not worry about nausea or vomiting, if it occurs.
  2. Have one teaspoon of black molasses, three times a day.
  3. Take three epsom salt baths every week.
  4. Have a full range of alkaline food rich in vitamins, minerals and protein to help burn acids already accumulated in the body.
  5. Try to work the joints gently by walking in fresh air. If that is not possible, even slow movement on crutches in a well ventilated room will help. Begin with efforts to move fingers and ultimately, move the limbs.
  6. Drink 200 ml of green vegetable juices three times a day (or as per your convenience) made from a large handful of spinach, a large handful of parsley, five carrots with tops intact and three radishes. There is no need to wait to get all vegetables before starting the cleanse. Start the treatment with whatever vegetables you get from this list. Avoid any vegetable that does not suit your metabolism.
  7. Do the complete treatment for six weeks.
  8. When acidic chemicals present in the joints leave the body through vinegar => blood => urine, pain will also leave the body.

The process

Apple cider vinegar

It is a vinegar made from cider or apple must, i.e., juice of the skins of apples. It is sour in taste and has a pale to medium amber colour. Vinegars have long been proposed as agents enabling weight loss. However, one of its important properties is removing acidic toxins from the joints. The hard acid deposits causing arthritis are very similar in substance to the shell of an egg. Apple cider vinegar has the ability to dissolve these acid deposits, so they pass out naturally via urine. When apple cider vinegar is taken orally, it is absorbed through the gastrointestinal system and achieves adequate concentration in the blood. This blood carries the vinegar to the affected joints for a ‘local targeted’ action. Under the influence of apple cider vinegar, the acids or toxins dissolve. Sometimes, after the second week of treatment the pain increases. The pain may be slightly more than before and may spread all over the body. The reason is easy to understand. The blood becomes saturated with apple cider vinegar, which starts to work on acid deposits, churning and dissolving them. Rest assured that it goes away in a week’s time.

Try this yourself

Place an egg, complete with shell, in a jar or glass. Cover the egg with pure apple cider vinegar and in two days, the shell will completely dissolve, leaving just the contents in a thin, rubbery membrane.

For some people, this process may cause extra pain. The pain might get worse before they start to feel better. The patient may think that the treatment is doing more harm than good. Unfortunately, many patients give up the treatment too soon, when the actual healing process starts. When the sufferer experiences this reaction, they should think, “The treatment is working for me; in a week or two, the pain will go away and I shall get better and be free of this pain”, and should not, instead, give up the treatment. For counselling during this stage, you can always contact us and we will guide you throughout the process.

Arthritic people are often overweight, due to inactivity. Their joint movements are so painful, that the natural reaction is to minimise the pain by avoiding movement. This leads to a further increase in weight. Apple cider vinegar is a natural diuretic and acts, to some extent, as a slimming agent. Many arthritics also suffer from high blood pressure, angina or some form of circulatory disease. Apple cider vinegar also acts as a blood normaliser to attain homoeostasis, i.e., if the blood pressure is high, it will bring it down slightly and if the blood pressure is low, it will raise it slightly. Sometimes, ridges appear on nails due to lack of calcium salts in the tissues. This deficiency can also affect bones, teeth and hair. Apple cider vinegar encourages the body to make more effective use of calcium derived from food. For normal people, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar taken three times a day for a month may even act as a preventive measure for arthritis, in addition to other disorders likely to affect the body due to lack of calcium assimilation.


Honey is packed with natural vitamins, minerals and traces of many elements. Honey varies in its composition based on the source of flowers and the bees that collect it. Darker coloured honey contains more iron and is more beneficial for arthritics, as they generally suffer from iron deficiency.

The trace elements listed above are essential for the activation of enzymes. They mediate the action of different cells in the body, aid in digestion and nerve and muscle functions, amongst other activities. Most arthritics feel acute pain, have sleepless nights and become very depressed. Most of the B-complex vitamins can be found in honey and they act on the nerves. Honey is highly beneficial for the tired, nervous and highly strung arthritis sufferer. The drawback is that honey is also rich in glucose and fructose, which (although in pre-digested form) is still a red alert for diabetics. Overweight and diabetic patients should consume honey with care.

Black molasses

Molasses are made from raw unsulphured cane sugar. It is a black substance, packed with nutrients and may be taken at any time, as per convenience. For therapeutic use, I usually recommend one teaspoon, three times a day. I have found one teaspoon of molasses dissolved in 100 ml of warm water to be appropriate for most patients. This is easily assimilated and digested. Molasses may be taken undiluted, but should be immediately followed by rinsing your mouth with warm water, as it has a tendency to discolour the teeth. Those with delicate stomachs may take it in smaller, more frequent doses. Molasses is a wonderful blood cleanser for arthritics. Arthritics are prone to stomach ulcers, diverticulitis and similar conditions, caused by acids eating away the stomach and colon linings. Black molasses offers relief. Very often, patients face a loss of muscle tone due to lack of essential mineral salts in the body. Molasses proves most valuable in these cases, as its salt content helps re-establish muscle tone. For external growths, boils, sore and cuts, molasses applied with a little water and as a poultice, is a wonderful natural ointment. It helps in treating skin diseases, e.g., dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Molasses is a rich source of iron and can alleviate tiredness. It is a rich source of vitamin B complex, which acts on the nerves, relieving spells of deep depression, bouts of painful neuralgia and debilitating attacks of cold and influenza. Molasses also contains copper and magnesium, phosphoric acid and potassium. Note: It is available near sugar cane factories, during the crushing season. It is a waste product of jaggery (iegÌ[) production. This can be used for our cleanse, but it cannot be stored for long. Black molasses is now commercially available in India. Preserved black molasses can usually be obtained from stores that sell foreign food products. For availability of preserved black molasses, visit our websites: www. or

Epsom salt

Our skin is, broadly speaking, a permeable membrane. It provides an excellent medium for elimination of acids. Joint Cleanse uses epsom salt as a drawing agent of toxins accumulated between joints. Epsom salt can be obtained from any chemist.

An epsom salt bath is very relaxing and pain relieving. You will sleep well after the bath. Epsom salt should be dissolved in a bath tub with warm water, at a tolerable temperature. The temperature of water may be maintained at a more or less constant level by adding fresh hot water and mixing more epsom salt.

Beginning with the toes, move every joint until you reach the neck. Exercise the joints within the limits of tolerance. The movement makes the deposits, stuck in the joints, loose and the epsom salt draws out these toxins. The warm water will also open pores of the skin, enhancing the removal of toxins. After a bath of 5-10 minutes, dry yourself with a towel and if the weather permits, try to sleep in blankets, so as to keep yourself warm and sweating. This helps in keeping pores of the skin open all night, and encourages elimination of acids through sweating. After a salt bath, the body must not be exposed to cold or cool breeze. Keeping the body warm is very important as it will prolong the period of elimination. Sometimes, you may feel some weakness and lethargy, which usually goes away in one or two hours.

In case a bath tub is not available, heat water in an ordinary kitchen bowl large enough to put your feet, at a comfortable temperature. Add a cup of epsom salt and soak your feet in this solution for 10-15 minutes, rubbing them gently. The cool water may be removed and replaced with hot water, and epsom salt may be added from time to time to maintain the temperature at the desired level. For example, if you are removing half the water from the bowl to add fresh hot water, then also add half a cup of epsom salt. Afterward, remove your feet from the solution, dry them and keep them covered. Then, soak your hands in the same way. The whole process may be repeated twice daily – with some variation in the frequency and soaking time – according to individual requirement and tolerance level.

A similar option, also effective, is to wrap hot wet towels, soaked in epsom salt added Soaking the feet in warm water, for 5-10 minutes around each joint, either one at a time or simultaneously, using many towels as a poultice. The objective is to open the pores.


Arthritis is a difficult ailment to cure, but at least one major cause of pain is accumulation of acids in the joints. I aim for nearly 50% reduction in pain levels on a permanent basis in all arthritic patients who complete this course. There are several instances where patients, who have suffered from severe arthritis for many years, have not only regained free movement of their joints, but are also living a medicine-free life after doing the treatment.