Introduction to Parasite Cleanse

Parasite Cleanse

The World Heath Organisation (WHO) estimates that nearly 21.7% of the world’s population is infected with roundworms. They can grow upto 12 inches inside the intestine and lay as many as 300,000 eggs in a day. Once the larvae hatches, it only takes two months before they start reproducing. There are pathological laboratories that diagnose the presence of some parasites in the intestines by developing urine and stool cultures.

Your body – home to parasites

We all believe that parasites only affect other people, not us! I used to think the same. The first time I read Hulda Clark’s book, ‘The thought, “This book is not for me”. My opinion on her theory changed, when I discovered worms in my stool and in many other patients’, after using parasite killing Clarkia tincture containing black walnut hull, cloves and wormwood; the zapper and colloidal silver.
Dr Clark’s research discovered that:

  • All people suffer from parasites of one type or another in their lifetime.
  • Parasites and unhealthy tissues are positively charged.
  • Introducing a weak electric current (via the zapper) destroys parasites by reversing their polarity. Negatively charged ions are added to the body to encourage the diseased tissue to heal.

    Signs and Symptoms

    Possible signs and symptoms of parasites inside the body, include:

  • Allergy reactions without any apparent reason
  • Anaemia or iron deficiency (pernicious anaemia)
  • Burning sensation in the stomach
  • Cutaneous ulcers, eczema, hives, itchy dermatitis, papilla lesions, rashes, sores and swelling
  • Damp lips at night, dry during the day, grinding teeth while asleep
  • Depression
  • Difficulty in gaining/losing weight, no matter what you do or eat
  • Digestive problems (gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea that come and go, but never really clear up)
  • Eating more than normal but still feeling hungry
  • Fast heartbeat, chest pains and pain in the navel
  • Food sensitivities and environmental intolerance
  • Gastrointestinal problems and bulky stool with excess fat
  • Itchy anus, ears, groin, nose, penis or vagina
  • Joint and muscle pains with inflammation, often assumed to be arthritis
  • Lethargy or tiredness most of the time (chronic fatigue)
  • Loss of appetite and a yellowish face
  • Waking up multiple times during the night, particularly between 2-3 am
  • Pain in the back, thighs and shoulders
  • Prone to bacterial and/or viral infections
  • Restlessness and anxiety
  • Sexual dysfunction in men
  • Sexual dysfunction and menstrual problems in women.

    Diagnosis or cleanse

    There are pathological laboratories that diagnose the presence of some parasites in the intestines by developing urine and stool cultures. So far, none of these laboratories have been able to determine all kinds of parasites.

    Recognising microscopic eggs in your stool is a harder job than finding bacteria, yeast or virus. If you have worms, our Parasite Cleanse will eliminate them efficiently. Also, it is generally cheaper to do a Parasite Cleanse than to diagnose parasites in stool. There are not many things that you can do about the parasites in your body. Prescription drugs are available and they work like any other drug. Killing all parasites with a single allopathic medicine is almost impossible, since they target only one or two types of parasites. A few of the medicines available tend to make you quite ill. Imagine taking 10 such drugs to kill a dozen parasites in your body! On the other hand, with a Parasite Cleanse, you can get rid of the maximum number of parasites. The beneficial effects of pills are very low as compared to the Parasite Cleanse tools, such as Clarkia tincture, zapper and colloidal silver.

    In July 2003, I did a Liver Cleanse and passed out stones. After 18 cleanses, done every alternate week, I was able to bring the count to zero. During that time, I got a Clarkia tincture bottle and a zapper. I did a Parasite Cleanse for two weeks religiously and had colloidal silver water. Later, when I did a Liver Cleanse again, I was surprised to find that I passed out as many stones as I did during my first cleanse. The result was amazing and my energy levels improved tremendously. It was almost as if I had my childhood energy back. The pH of my saliva rose to nearly seven. This event made me an ardent admirer of Parasite Cleanse.

    Tools for a Parasite Cleanse

    1. Parasite Cleanser Premium Liquid Extract
      It is composed of water, grain alcohol (nearly 32%) and an alcohol extract of three herbs – black walnut, wormwood and cloves. When consumed orally, it kills parasites in the digestive system.
    2. Zapper
      It introduces a weak electric current to destroy the parasites inside the body. Viruses and fungi inside cells, parasites in cysts and parasites with exoskeletons (like hookworms in the peripheral tissues) will take longer to kill. But by zapping, you begin to clear the blood and lymphatic fluids, major organ ducts, intestinal and stomach lining, brain and central nervous system off parasites, giving your immune system a tremendous and nearly immediate boost.
    3. Pulsar
      It uses high intensity, short duration square wave to immobilise parasites. It treats the lymph system, head, stomach and intestine. It also reaches organs or areas that remain unaffected by the zapper.
    4. Colloidal silver
      Colloidal silver is a powerful, natural antibiotic that prevents infections. It acts as a catalyst and disables enzymes that the microscopic one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for oxygen metabolism. The parasites die without harming human enzymes, or parts of the body. The result is destruction of disease causing organisms in the body.

1. Parasite Cleanse using Parasite Cleanser (Premium Liquid Extract)

Many plants that we consume everyday help our immune system in dealing with parasites and promote good health. These plants have existed for thousands of years, even before humans evolved. They had to discover a way to survive and reproduce. These plants had to be stronger than their enemies, such as insects, worms, fungi, yeasts, amoebas, bacteria, viruses and snails. Gradually, they developed a wide arsenal of chemicals for protection. Early humans learnt to use these plants to protect themselves from their own parasites and diseases.

Herbs that kill parasites

Herbs such as black walnut hulls, cloves, wormwood (Artemisia absynthium), garlic, black pepper, ginger, lemon, cinnamon, sage, peppermint, pumpkin seeds, cayenne pepper, goldenseal, thyme, cranberry, fennel, male fern, grapefruit seed, apple kernel, onion, olive leaves and apple seeds, are effective parasite killers. From the above list, three plants (black walnut, wormwood and cloves) have developed extremely strong natural chemicals, and are classified as vermicides.

Black walnut developed strong protection for its seeds/nuts. The green hull of black walnut contains several potent chemicals, strong herbicides, fungicides and vermicides.

Wormwood developed strong protection for its leaves and flowers. Among other chemicals, wormwood contains thujone, a potent vermicide, virucide and antibiotic.

Clove developed strong protection for its flower buds. There is no other herb that is as potent as a clove to kill parasite eggs.

These three herbs have been highly appreciated by humans for several centuries. They can get rid of more than a hundred different types of parasites present in our body.

Black walnut hull and wormwood kill the adult and development stages of more than a hundred parasites. Cloves kill the eggs. If you kill only the adults, the tiny eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, hundreds of tiny parasites, already loose in your body, will soon grow into adults and lay more eggs. The three herbs, therefore, must be used together as a single treatment. Only then can you get rid of the maximum number of parasites.


As Parasite Cleanser (Premium Liquid Extract) is a tincture, it can be used either orally or as an enema. You should have 12-15 drops of Parasite Cleanser three times a day for two weeks. Try having Parasite Cleanser on an empty stomach for best results. If you feel nauseous, you can have Parasite Cleanser with food, after a meal or with water. If the taste is too strong, dilute it with water or any juice. I have used Parasite Cleanser drops on an empty stomach, 12-15 drops three times a day, on the tongue (without water) for one week, along with using pulsar and zapper, besides drinking colloidal silver water twice a day, followed by a Liver Cleanse once in six months and found them to be very effective. One small Parasite Cleanser bottle has 1000 measured drops (60 ml). It is sufficient for one round of treatment of two patients for two weeks.

2. Parasite Cleanse using zapper

Zapper is an electrical device which produces limited current output. It is now established by different approaches that introduction of a direct weak electric current eliminates viruses and other parasitic organisms. Once these parasites are eliminated, the body’s healing power can be fully unleashed, restoring vibrant health quickly. Negative ions repel parasites, regardless of how these ions are generated, i.e., either through electric current or magnets. When parasites come out of cysts and other protected formations, they experience an unpleasant situation due to zapping. Parasites not only die when subjected to electricity, but also disintegrate and are either easily assimilated as harmless nutrients or eliminated.

How does a zapper work?

Every living being broadcasts its presence with frequencies, like a radio station transmitter. The zapper works by transmitting a frequency in alliance with the parasite’s unique biorhythms that momentarily disables them. The zapper uses electricity powerful enough to kill parasites, but not powerful enough to harm you. Zapper produces 50% duty cycle square wave (Non Sinusoidal Wave) of + 9 V to 0 V at the selected frequency. Frequencies of 2128 Hz, 10 KHz and 30 KHz can be selected as suggested. This mode has a time duration selection of minimum 10 minutes and maximum 20 minutes. The zapper current, at the specified voltage and frequency, stuns the pathogen and disrupts its hiding abilities. Once discovered, white blood cells single them out as foreign objects. This enables the body’s immune system to identify and eliminate the pathogens, including parasites, bacteria and most viruses. It happens quickly, in about an hour. The white blood cells then proceed to surround the dead invaders and they are removed from the body via urine and/or stool.

How to zap?

You will need two small pieces of cloth. Moisten them with salted water. Salted water is used to improve electric conductivity. Unsalted water will not conduct the weak electric current generated by the zapper into your body.

  • Power the zapper either using a power source or battery
  • Make salt water solution by adding a teaspoon of salt to water
  • Place paper towels, sponge (or cloth) wetted with salt water solution, around the copper pipes
  • Turn the power of your zapper on
  • Grasp the copper pipes, one in each hand, and hold them firmly
  • Hold them for seven minutes
  • Do the second zapping for another seven minutes (reverse the copper pipes by switching hands)
  • Disconnect the zapper and wait for another seven minutes
    Do the third zapping again for seven minutes, at a changed frequency
  • Do the last and fourth zapping at a changed frequency, by switching pipes in both hands
    Repeat it three times every day for seven days

    Note: I have used zapper copper pipes in the armpits, neck, tongue, behind the elbows and knees, for better results. As the skin in these parts is soft, the current is able to easily flow into the blood.

    Why do we need to zap three times?

    The larger parasites are home to a number of smaller parasites and viruses. When you first zap, you will definitely kill parasites. However, after some time, the egg, larvae and pupa, inside the parasite and unaffected by zapping, will come out. This is when you strike again with the second zapping. The third zapping is for the same reason, because this housing process can work two levels deep: a virus in a parasite is home to another parasite.

    What changes should you expect from zapping?

    Zapping not only eliminates parasites, but also reduces a host of symptoms caused by them, such as:

  • A positive feeling
  • Acne disappears in a short time
  • Better joint mobility
  • Brings quick relief from chronic pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist pain) disappears in a day or so
  • Cuts, scrapes, wounds, infections heal rapidly
  • Dead tapeworms appear in the toilet, after a week or so
    Eliminates sinus infections
  • Establishes normal pH within a few days (in most cases)
  • Eyes become less bloodshot
    Flu and cold are gone
  • Helps remove heavy metals and organic toxins from the body
  • Improved breathing
  • Improves mental clarity and sleep (better dreams)
  • Less body, breath and foot odour
  • No more depression and migraine
  • No more PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)
  • Psoriasis disappears
  • Ringworms are eliminated
  • Scabies is eliminated and skin tone improves
  • Stops ear aches and toothaches
  • Stops dandruff
  • Stops itching, even from bug bites
  • Stops ulcers
  • Tumours and Warts shrink, and disappear
  • Yeast and candida-type of fungi are removed quickly.

    How to obtain a zapper?

    There are several zapper manufacturers all over the world. I feel that all of them work and so, I have no specific recommendations. I have tried five different types of zappers and used them on different occasions on nearly 500 patients. The results in almost all cases, with the various models, have been very good.

    You may also search online to find out more about zapper manufacturers. You can order any zapper of your choice, manufactured in USA. The cost varies from $100 to $400, (plus shipping) for a pulser, zapper and colloidal silver maker.

    3. Parasite Cleanse using pulser

    A pulser is a potent weapon to destroy parasites and a powerful tool to bring significant changes in health. A pulser is used to eliminate parasites from the body. It was originally designed to help move the lymph system and remove hiding pathogens.

    Devices, such as zapper and pulser, use either small electrical currents or high intensity magnetic pulses to kill living organisms in your body. This includes organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and larger parasites, such as tapeworms, ringworms, roundworms and flukes.


    Just like zapper, the purpose of a pulser is to help eliminate harmful parasites, allowing the body to heal on its own. Elimination of parasites is an excellent way to boost the immune system and promote good health quickly and safely. Pulser mode of India Zapper Deluxe is producing 50% duty cycle square wave (Non Sinusoidal Wave) of Dual Voltage +30 V to -30 V at the selected frequency. Frequencies of 4 Hz, 16 Hz and 100 Hz can be selected as suggested. This mode has a time duration selection of minimum 10 minutes and maximum 20 minutes, to kill or immobilise parasites. The coil can be placed anywhere on the body, excluding head and face. The ability to place the coil anywhere means that areas not covered by the zapper are also easily treated, including the lymph system, stomach and intestines.

    4. Parasite Cleanse using colloidal silver

    Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver. A colloid is defined as particles, which remain suspended in the liquid without forming an ionic compound or dissolving in the solution. The broader commercial definition of colloidal silver includes products that contain various concentrations of ionic silver, silver colloids, ionic silver compounds or silver proteins in purified water. Colloidal silver is pure metallic silver (not a chemical compound) of 15 atoms or fewer, each with a positive electric charge, attached to a molecule of simple protein. These particles float in pure water, as the electric charge is stronger than gravity.

    History and applications

    Compounds of silver have a long history in medicine. Silver nitrate solutions were introduced in 1880 to protect newborn infants’ eyes from infection. Creams containing silver, such as silver sulfadiazine, have been used in burn centres for more than a hundred years. Unani medicine uses silver leaves for health benefits. Concentrations of colloidal silver, at five parts per million (ppm) or higher, have been found to kill numerous infectious bacteria. One ppm is equivalent to one milligram of solid per litre of liquid (mg/l). Before 1938, colloidal silver was widely used by physicians as a mainstream antibiotic, but the material was costly and the pharmaceutical industry developed fast acting and less expensive sulpha drugs, and penicillin.

    Method of action

    Colloidal silver, near a virus, fungus, bacteria or any other single celled pathogen, disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, via the oligodynamic effect, by inhibiting the expression of enzymes and other proteins essential for ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) production. Within a few minutes, the pathogen dies and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and other elimination systems. Advantages of colloidal silver over antibiotics Unlike current antibiotics that destroy beneficial enzymes, colloidal silver leaves tissue cell enzymes intact, as they are radically different from the enzymes of primitive single celled life. Single-celled bacteria cannot mutate into silver resistant forms, unlike conventional antibiotics. So, they do not develop tolerance to colloidal silver through mutation. Also, colloidal silver does not interact or interfere with other medicines being consumed simultaneously. Silver does not form toxic compounds inside the body or react with anything other than a germ’s oxygen-metabolising enzyme.


    One teaspoon of five ppm colloidal silver equals nearly 25 μgms (micrograms) of silver. One to four teaspoons per day is generally considered to be safe for extended periods of time. It is recommended to consume 50 ml of colloidal silver water daily for four days, to establish a level and thereafter, 20 ml daily for maintenance (to be adjusted according to body weight for children). After six weeks, you may take a break for a few weeks. Due to the rapid action of colloidal silver, the five excretory channels of the body (liver, kidneys, skin, lungs and bowel) may be temporarily overloaded causing flu-like conditions, such as headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea or aching muscles. In such cases, increase your water intake. Reduce dietary sugar and saturated fats. Given the opportunity, the body’s natural ability to heal itself will amaze you.


    When consumed orally, the colloidal silver solution is absorbed from the mouth into the bloodstream and transported quickly to the cells. Swishing the solution under the tongue before swallowing may result in faster absorption. In three to four days, the silver will accumulate in the tissues sufficiently to give benefits. It normally takes the kidneys and the lymph system several weeks to flush out the ingested colloidal silver. Hence, it remains in the body for a longer duration and gives strong therapeutic effects. Colloidal silver is both a remedy and a preventive measure for numerous infections, colds and sickness, due to various bacteria, viruses or fungi, and even the non-harmful low grade general body infections many people have and often ignore. Older folks reportedly feel younger because their body’s energies are utilised for other activities rather than constantly fighting diseases. If you are routinely exposed to dangerous pathogenic germs, have a daily dose of colloidal silver water for protection.

    To purify water, add 50 ml of colloidal silver in five litres of water. In the natural healing system, it is widely believed that lives of lakhs of people susceptible to chronic low-grade infections can be enhanced by this simple preventative health measure.

    Some people use colloidal silver in a nasal spray to reach the sinuses and nasal passages to treat a stuffy nose and even in a baby’s eyes, because unlike some antiseptics, it does not destroy tissue cells. Spray bottles have been used topically on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, skin, sore throat, eyes and burns. It is excellent as an underarm deodorant, since most underarm odours are caused by bacteria breaking down substances released by sweat glands. Also, colloidal silver can be applied directly to cuts, scrapes and open sores or on a bandage for warts. It can be applied on eczema, itches, acne or bug bites.

    Digestion has also been reported to improve. Medical research has shown that silver promotes rapid healing, with less scar tissue, even in case of severe burns. Irregular use of colloidal silver helps in curing most or all medical problems (symptoms listed on page 55 and elsewhere in this book).

    Product quality

    The highest grade is produced by the electro-colloidal/non-chemical method, where the silver particles and water have been colloided, i.e., dispersed within, and bound to each other by an electric current. As a result, the superfine silver particles are suspended indefinitely in de-mineralised water. The ideal colour of colloidal silver is cloudy white. High concentrations of silver do not kill disease germs any better than the safe range of 3 to 5 ppm.


    Mono-atomic colloidal silver maker is available in USA. In India, some manufacturers are also selling it now.


    No worm or parasite can exist outside its environment. Hence, if you change your inner environment through cleansing and eating good food, parasites cannot exist. These methods generally include, cleansing the colon, modifying diet, using a substance that kills the parasites, recolonising the intestinal bacteria and taking preventive measures. Keeping your diet free of junk food will definitely discourage parasites. Always wash your hands after using the bathroom, before eating, after changing diapers and handling pets.