Pradeep Bansal for Diabetes

Mr. Pradeep Bansal from Rudrapur, suffered from diabetes, hypertension and different other symptoms. He went forth with liver, kidney and acidity cleansing and could see the effect almost instantly. He thanks Dr. Piyush Saxena for procuring this therapy in India and not charging any fee or anything whatsoever.

Ramesh Pandya for Diabetes

Mr. Ramesh Pandya from Delhi, faced serious glucose level rises, upto 458 mg/dl, as and when he came across liver cleansing and he went forth with it, he saw his glucose level coming down to 137 mg/dp instantly after just ONE LIVER CLEANSING.

Charanjeet Singh for kidney stones in both of his kidneys.

Raj Kumar Arora

Raj Kumar Arora from Rudrapur, suffered from Low Back Pain and pain and weakness in both of his legs from eight years. He had visited for every kind of treatment and had given up all hopes. He has done 9 liver cleansing until now and has also helped others in doing so. He feels more positive,more happy and more healthy.

CA Ashok Singhal

CA Ashok Singhal from Rudrapur, suffered from acidity and allergic bronchitis. When he came across Cleaning Therapy, he went ahead with Liver Cleansing and could feel and see the improvement in his condition.

Yogi Agarwal for Thyroid Cleanse

Mrs.Yogi Agarwal, from Ghaziabad, had issues related with her thyroid gland where her TSH level was 8.45. She was already in the group from August 2018 and when her thyroid levels were high, through the help of our volunteer, she went for thyroid cleanse. Before thyroid cleanse, she underwent liver, kidney, acidity and colon cleanse and within 20 days her TSH level came down to 3.45.

Anmol Sharma

Anmol Sharma, a resident of Andhra Pradesh, suffered from allergic symptoms like itching, redness and swelling of the face and hands since the past 8 – 9 years. She came across Cleansing Therapy and went forward with Liver Cleanse, Kidney and Acidity cleanse and was able to be independent of her anti – allergic drugs gradually.